When an idea becomes passion.

Passion for mutual success is our drive. Together with our business partners, we work hard every day to develop individual solutions in fleet management.

save4drive looks back on decades of experience in fleet management. In 2006 two great personalities met for dinner and shared an idea. Gunter Glück, then a member of the management of LeasePlan Deutschland GmbH, had a crazy idea:
A fuel-saving competition in which drivers could share their savings. He shared this idea with Bernd Hänel, current owner of save4drive. Bernd was thrilled and saw the business case. This initial spark gave rise to save4drive.

Sustainable use of modern vehicles

Through many further training courses, experience with business partners, service providers and associates, exclusive customer projects have been successfully implemented, countless drivers have received practical training and thousands of drivers are still enthusiastic about the eco-Driver today. The focus of these projects and training courses is still on the sustainable use of modern vehicles, stress reduction and lowering fleet costs.

Bernd Hänel, driving safety trainer, certified Eco- and Stressless trainer, DVR trainer and lecturer at DEKRA has been realising his vision of efficient driving since 2006. True to his motto: “If you want emotions, buy yourself a dog – gears don’t have to be turned up to get off quickly”, he has been making his training sessions entertaining, fun and interactive for 14 years. “Our business partners like that. 99.9% have nothing to complain about. – so the evaluation of the feedback after the trainings.

Damage analysis by save4drive

Since 2018, however, we have turned to a new exciting topic. Damage to the fleet. In order to be able to tackle this topic in a well-founded way, we created a new product. The “Damage analysis by save4drive” Here, a needs analysis is carried out based on anonymous individual damages and some other parameters of the fleet. From the damage progressions, primarily trainings are derived which lead to a reduction. With this allocation, our software calculates savings potentials in the areas of damage progression, fuel consumption, downtimes and the additional costs involved (rental cars, expert opinions, mercantile depreciation, etc.). These saving potentials are not only shown in monetary terms, but also in terms of CO2 emissions.

The damage analysis by save4drive shows saving potentials and at the same time provides needs-based measures for immediate implementation. This form of consulting is unique. Our work starts where your claims manager and your insurer stop. This was an enormous step and is an additional unique selling point.

Fleet flat rate for cost reduction

In 2019 we tested the claims analysis on the market and the response was overwhelming. Felix and Luis Hänel started business in May 2019. Felix is Head of Marketing and Sales; Luis is Head of Business Development and Organization. Together we have created a revolutionary system that goes beyond claims analysis. We have created a fleet flat rate to reduce costs in the fleet. Our business partners have access to a wide range of services and pay a very small monthly fee for our advice and needs-based measures. We call this model “fleet flat”.

Over several years of cooperation, we advise our business partners as external experts and find joint solutions to your challenges. After such an exciting development we are looking forward to the following years and the innovations that are planned.

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